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Growing Asparagus- Tips and Techniques

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Growing Asparagus Growing Asparagus among your flowering shrubs will not result in outrage at all! On the contrary, the bright green plant which turns stunning gold in autumn  is likely to hold the pride of place among your ornamental shrubs. So why don’t you try your hand at it? How? Read along to learn more…


Articles Required

  • Asparagus Plants
  • Fertilizers
  • Gardening Spades, Trowels and Shovels
  • Mulch
  • Compost Makers


How to Grow Asparagus Plants

  • It is important to first select an appropriate site where the asparagus plants can grow unhindered for at least the next 10- 15 years.
  • The soil required for growing the plant needs to be in a sunny area with a pH of 6.5-7.5.
  • The soil also needs to be prepared by enriching it with fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus.
  • Asparagus tops which contain the dormant root system of the plant is required to planted in the spring  in areas accustomed to cold weather and in the late winter in regions which experience hot summers.
  • Dig the soil until it is 7 inches deep making a furrow shaped like the letter V.
  • Filling the furrow with compost, rotten manure and bonemeal  dust is imperative before planting the asparagus tops.
  • Soaking the asparagus tops in compost tea is the next step before laying them side by side within the furrow. The tops need to have a minimum space of 12-16 inches between them with the next row being at least 4 inches behind the first.
  • Filling the furrows with soil as the green leaves emerge is essential as is the necessity of leaving the foliage bare and ready to face the sun.
  • Heavy mulching is required as the furrows get filled with soil. Weeding out the area is also a pre-requisite so that the plants can grow properly receiving adequate nutrition.
  • Mulching again in the fall and spreading organic fertilizer on the plants in summer is the next important step.
  • Watering the plants for a week is required allowing them to receive only about an inch or two of water. However, watering is not required unless rainfall becomes scanty during the later period.
  • It is wise not to pick the asparagus spears in the first year as the roots must be allowed to fern out adequately. You can pick the spears in the following years limiting the pick to just a few the 2nd year and increasing the quantity each subsequent year.


Growing asparagus successfully in your garden is liable to give you total satisfaction as you are assured of ready spears whenever you need them that too at almost half the price than vegetable market.

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Growing Asparagus- Tips And Techniques