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Growing Runner Bean

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Growing Runner Beans

If you have just started to plant plants in your garden, runner bean is the most ideal one. While growing runner bean, make sure that you add lots of compost to the soil if you want the plant to grow well. The foliage is very attractive as well as the red or white flowers make this plant a beautiful feature for your garden.


These plants have originated from South America but they are most popularly grown in the United Kingdom. These plants not only produce beans but juicy flesh too, which is ready to eat soon after being picked. You may also freeze it before eating.


There are certain varieties of runner beans that often reach a height of about 6 feet. Such plants need support. The recent varieties are usually small in size, therefore, they do not need any support. So, these varieties are very easy to grow.


Sun and Soil


Even though runner beans grow well in sahdy areas, they shwocase remarkable growth  under full sun. Since they are usually high, do not plant them in those areas which experience winds as they may be blown over. Let me also tell you that the foliage of this plant is thick which casts a shade in a wide neighboring area. This is good for some vegetables while not good for others.


Runner beans belong to the legume family. Runner beans have a ability to pull out nitrogen from air which they fix in their root nodules. Thus, make sure that you plant runner bean in a soil which is nitrogen-rich. This will result in growth of several leaves and some beans. When you get a place where you find ideal soil, dig it and fill with organic matter. In this way you will ensure that the soil will be able to ensure that the soil holds enough water which is required for proper growth of the plant. The soil must be prepared in the months of February or March.


When to Sow


Any amount of frost can end up damaging the runner beans. Thus, when you decide to plant runner beans outdoors, you must do that a week prior to the last frost. Alternatively, you use peat pots to sow the seeds and grow them indoors until the threat of frost finishes completely. Later, the peat pots can be planted directly in the ground. Before planting runner bean seedlings in peat pots, soak them in water which will allow them to break down in soil.


Now that you know about growing runner bean, try it without any hesitation.


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Growing Runner Bean