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Growing Lettuce- Tips and Techniques

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Growing Lettuce Growing Lettuce in your kitchen garden isn’t such a bad idea at all! After all you do love to see the crisp and cool lettuce leaf adorning your salad plate and will help you achieve your dream of losing weight in a healthy manner. But how do you go about the whole process of growing it? Let’s find out…


Articles Required

You would, however, need to equip yourself with some basic tools before you start contemplating about how to grow lettuce. The most important articles required to plant lettuce are:-

  • Lettuce Plants or Seeds
  • Spades, Rakes and Trowels for gardening
  • Compost Makers
  • Pruners
  • Mulch
  • Pitchforks and Rototillers
  • Fish Emulsions


How to Grow Lettuce Plants

  • Lettuce plants need to be planted when the temperature during the night time exceeds 30 degree F. Alternatively, the seeds can be directly sowed into the soil during spring.
  • Choosing the patch of soil for growing the plant is important too. You need to select a sunny patch where the soil exhibits a pH of 6.5-7.
  • Tilling the soil properly comes next. All lumps and tiny stones including debris need to be removed carefully which may otherwise hinder germination of the lettuce plant.
  • Adding compost along with cured manure is mandatory now as it will allow the plant to develop properly. However, the water retentive capacity of the soil needs to be taken into consideration too.
  • The plants need to have a minimum distance of 8-16 inches between them depending on the variety of lettuce. You can take heed of the instructions given at the back of the seed pack or follow gardening instructions from a book.
  • Mulch the soil and keep it moist by watering regularly.
  • Spray the growing lettuce plants with compost tea and seaweed extracts once in every three weeks.
  • Leaves can be cut when they are fully grown while heads need to be removed once they are firm and formed completely.



  • It is possible to grow enough lettuce to satisfy your needs for the entire season if you sow subsequent batches after an interval of 10 days.
  • Nitrogen enriched soil is essential for cultivating lettuce. Add the required fertilizer to the soil if the soil does not have the requisite quantity.
  • Planting the saplings too close together may give rise to a host of problems including insect infestation and air circulation problems.
  • Watering the plants in the evening will not be wise as the plants which stay damp throughout the night tend to wilt pre maturely.
  • Growing lettuce is not an arduous task at all and you can be rest assured that your salad supply from your own garden will be able to wow your neighbors.

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Growing Lettuce- Tips And Techniques