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Growing Courgettes

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courgettesYou may not be aware of the fact that courgettes are basically considered to be fruits but not vegetables. But we think them as vegetables like tomatoes. Let me tell you more about growing courgettes in your own garden.



Courgettes grow best in that portion of your garden which is sunny and sheltered and has well-drained soil. They need fertile soil to grow you must sow these seeds in a hole which you should fill using manure and compost. Then cover the hole with the soil, that had been removed to make the hole, to make mounds.


While you plant courgette, make sure that there is no threat of frost as frost may end up damaging the plant. To avoid frost, you may plant courgette seeds indoors and place them on a windowsill that receives heat to raise the temperature to about 15 degrees.


Planting Courgettes


After planting corgette, you must begin to harden them by placing outdoor for some hours every day. At night, it must be placed indoors. Gradually, you must increase the time duration for which you keep the plant outdoors. After you see that the seedlings have about 3-4 leaves, you can plant the courgette outside permanently.  


Sow the seeds into the mounds that you had created earlier. This must be done during early summer or late spring so that there is no danger of frost. Provide courgettes plenty of water so that they can grow properly. In order to advance water retention, you can cover the bed using weed control cloth.


Caring for Courgettes


As long as courgettes are watered, you can maintain them easily. If you forget to water them on a regular basis, they will soon die. Watering them becomes a very important factor after the flowers and fruits grow on the plant. Watering the plant encourages the growth of both flowers as well as fruits. Also, you must be aware of the fact that certain courgette varieties grow vertically, so you must be prepared to provide them proper support, if required.


The most common courgette varieties are basically trailing plants which need to be trained so as to obtain maximum crop. You can do this by pulling the plant’s growing tips out as soon as they grow around 60cm in height. By doing this, you will make sure that all the efforts of growth are directed in producing fruit but not leaves.


Harvesting your Courgettes


When the courgette crop reaches a minimum height of 10cm, you must stop harvesting it. Courgettes reach this height in approximately 8 weeks time. The stems that link the fruit to the plant must be cut off using a sharp knife. Do not break courgettes off. If courgettes are harvested regularly, more fruits grow on the plant. Thus, you must check them for harvesting every other day.


Hope these tips help you in gorwing courgettes in a simpler way.


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Growing Courgettes