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Growing Avocado- Tips and Techniques

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Growing Avocado

Growing Avocado requires a lot of patience as the full grown tree might take several years to yield fruit. However, this nutritious fruit tree can be grown quite easily by collecting the seeds from a ripe avocado or even from a portion of the root or stem.  The plant can be grown in the pot as well but it is advisable to plant it in the soil directly in order to let it grow unhindered.



Articles Needed

The best way to grow the tropical fruit tree is to initiate its growth in a small container and then transferring it into a patch of soil. The most important equipments required for growing avocado are:-

  • Tooth picks
  • Seeds, roots or part of stem of the avocado.
  • Water Glass
  • Small container for planting
  • Shovel
  • Gardening Shears
  • Soil for the container
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizers


How to Grow Avocado Plants

  • Wash the seeds or roots and stem properly by holding it under running water in order to remove all the debris.
  • Pierce the avocado seed with three toothpicks spacing them out evenly.
  • Take a glass full of water and immerse the seed into it carefully allowing the toothpicks to support it within the glass.
  • Keep the avocado seed in water in a sunny area protected from direct sunlight.
  • Roots and stems will start growing within a week of immersing the seed in water.
  • Take the container and add the soil to it before planting the avocado plant by placing it firmly halfway within the soil of the container.
  • Keep the container in a sunny area again.
  • Take care to water the plant adequately keeping the soil moist at all times.
  • Pruning the stems is important as it spreads out.
  • Transfer the plant to the garden after selecting a patch of soil in a sunny area having a pH in between 6-6.5.
  • Digging the soil just deep enough to contain the roots of the plan is considered to be appropriate. The width of the hole needs to be a little more than the plant though.
  • Mulching comes next preferably with a coarse material.
  • Adding fertilizer to the young trees is essential on a yearly basis.


Tips for Improving Growth

  • It is essential to add water to the glass containing the germinating seed periodically as the water tends to evaporate in the sun.
  • Trimming the stem of the avocado is essential once it attains a height of 6 inches.
  • Adding too much water is not helpful  with the leaves turning yellow on receiving more water than essential.
  • The fertilizer should contain adequate amounts of phosphorus, zinc, nitrogen and potassium.


Growing avocado can be a rewarding experience indeed especially when you see the small plant turn into a giant tree and starts bearing fruit.





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Growing Avocado- Tips And Techniques