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Reheat French fries

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French fries can be easily reheated in microwaveHave you ever wondered why those French fries in the restaurant taste so good? Are they always prepared fresh or is there any special way to reheat French fries which you are not aware of? How many times have you faced the problem of reheating leftover French fries from your refrigerator? Here are some ways which shall help you in the reheating process of French fries.


Reheat French Fries In Microwave


  • You will first have to take out all the French fries from your refrigerator which is actually left out from the previous day party or meal.
  • Just place all the French fries on a plate which is microwave safe.
  • You can place all French fries in the microwave in one or two layers.
  • 10 minutes will be enough to reheat French fries in your microwave.


Reheat French Fries In A Skillet


  • For reheating French fries in a skillet, you should spray the skillet lightly with some oil.
  • You should ensure that you use a large skillet, so that you have enough of space to fry them all. In case you are not able to turn all the fries, they will not get heated evenly and your French fries will not be crispy.
  • Do not add oil while you are frying them as they will already be having plenty of oil and it shall add to the oil content further.
  • When you are heating French fries, ensure that you have turned the flame to medium high level.
  • Ideally you should allow the skillet to get reheated prior to your adding the oil and French fries, which shall make it easier to fry them.
  • When you are reheating French fries remember to keep stirring them all the while.Reheat french fries effectively


Tips on how to reheat French fries effectively:


  • Have control on the heat your French fries get when you are reheating them. The flame shouldn’t be too high or too low, as it can burn or make the French fries limp.
  • Keep flipping the French fries while they are getting reheated. As soon as you notice that the fries are turning brown, you can start flipping them, so that all sides of the fry get heated well.
  • Do not keep heating them till they become brown, as this means they are getting burnt slowly.
  • Do not add salt while you are reheating the fries, as they shall soften these fried pieces.


Once you successfully reheat French fries serve them immediately, by placing them on paper napkins on a plate and serve immediately. 


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Reheat French Fries