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Reheat curry

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Know how you can reheat curry in a microwaveReheating curry is one of the most common tasks we do everyday – but how many times have you found that you have burnt the curry or you couldn’t reheat curry well or you managed to heat just one portion of the curry. This happens because you do not know the right way to reheat curry. If this has been your problem, here are a few interesting ways which shall help you to reheat curry in the perfect way, without causing you any kind of embarrassment.


Reheat curry in a microwave


  • Put the curry in a microwave safe dish which you wish to reheat – ensuring it is large enough to let the curry expand when it is being heated.
  • If the broth content of the curry is more, it is more important to ensure that the dish you are using for reheating it is large enough.
  • Keep stirring the curry frequently so that its grains do not stick to the bottom portion of the dish.
  • Set the temperature at low, if you are reheating small quantity of curry and let it be high for a minute if you are reheating a huge quantity of curry.Curry being reheated on stove top


Reheating curry in a stove


If you choose to reheat curry in a stove, you will first have to ensure that the curry gets back into its normal temperature first, especially if it had been in the freezer for long. Here are the steps of reheating curry in a stove:


  • Put the curry in a large pan or saucepan and then on your stove for reheating.
  • Ensure that there is enough of liquid content in the curry, especially in the form of gravy. If you find that the water content is less, you can add some water, which eventually disappears when the curry starts boiling.
  • Do not put excess water, if the quantity of your curry is less. This shall make it lose its taste.
  • Keep stirring the curry often.


More tips on reheating curry


Delicious curry after it is reheated

  • Do not reheat curry many times, especially if it has been prepared a few days back. It is healthy to eat curry which has been prepared just a day back.
  • Do not keep reheating curry and then refrigerating it frequently as it spoils the taste of the curry in such a case and can also spoil it.


These were the most common ways used by most of us to reheat curry, if you have any other idea, do drop us a comment!


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Reheat Curry