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Reheat bread

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Know how to reheat bread in microwaveWe often store bread in the refrigerator or even in the freezer, so that molds do not develop or bread does not get spoilt. But when we need to reheat bread, most of us face the problem of doing it in the right way. Here are some easy ways of reheating bread – even cold bread, so that you can make it appetizing as you wish to have it.


Reheat bread in microwave


  • You will have to first layer paper towels on your microwave safe plate.
  • Bread can be placed on these paper towels in one layer, just surrounding the bowl.
  • Never try to put different slices of bread on top of one another.
  • You should never reheat more than 5 pieces of bread in your microwave at one time.
  • If you choose to reheat bread which is frozen, you will just need to reheat the bread for 20 seconds.
  • If you are reheating bread which is simply refrigerated, you will need just 10 seconds.
  • You can check the bread after the allotted time. If you find it warm, you are done or else put the bread back into your oven for ten minutes more and let it warm up.


Reheat bread in a Toaster 


  • If you are trying to reheat bread which has been in the freezer, it is best to let the bread defrost for sometime before you put it in the pan, or else, it will release water, which can be really dangerous.
  • You can put the bread in your sink under running water, inside a plastic, so that the plastic prevent the water from entering into the bread and the bread gets into a warmer temperature.
  • Once you find that the bread has reached its normal temperature, you can put in the toaster and heat it. It will take a minute to reheat the bread.Reheat bread in a toaster oven


More tips on how to reheat bread


  • Reheat bread one by one, when you have several loaves to heat. You need to have little bit of patience for your bread.
  • Keep a constant watch on the bread while it is reheating, so that the bread does not get too much reheated, which can make it hard and even burn it.
  • The time taken for reheat depends on the medium you choose to reheat and the quantity of bread you choose for reheating.


So, next time you have leftover bread and you need to use them, hope you are not going to have problems while you reheat bread back to their original form!


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Reheat Bread