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Non-Occasional Cakes For The Happy Souls

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When I was a kid, cakes were occasional add-ons, but why occasional specials and not a part of everyday special, I used to think. Only if my mum knew the secret of Classic Cheese Cakes, I would have had the luxury of savoring a piece every single day. Yes, having come across this delicious Cheese Cake recipe in ifoodtv shelves, I couldn’t help but try it the very next day. Believe it or not, now I make it at least twice or thrice a month, if I happen to keep aside enough cheese for the purpose.

cheese cake

It’s quite an easy job, with no spills and mess, all it takes is 15 min preparation time and around 80 min cooking time (if on low temperature). Cheese Cake fanatics are sure to go head over heels on this recipe. Take my word on this and try making the recipe at least once; I’m sure that your kids, why kids alone, every other person who gets to savor a piece, will ask you for more!




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Non-Occasional Cakes For The Happy Souls