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Sarita's delicious “Apple cake” - do not miss

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I would love to keep the doctor away for a lifetime if the excuse for eating an apple is as delicious as Sarita's apple cake. With a lot of apples in my refrigerator began my search for some good apple based recipes. I wanted to present the apples in a new and innovative form for my family.  

This is when I came by Sarita’s apple cake recipe. Coming from Sarita I knew it had to be good. Was waiting for the weekend to try it out. I had thought that it would be a time consuming activity as an apple cake is not something I have tried before. To my surprise however, it was very easy to make and the preparations didn't take any time. My family loved it. Had send it across to my friend as well and the thank you phone call came with rave reviews for the wonderful cake.

  I made a few changes to Sarita’s recipe to suit my individual palate and also the ingredients in my kitchen. Since I don’t like the taste of spices in my cake I omitted the cinnamon and nutmeg. I didn’t have walnuts so added some chopped cashew and raisins instead. Salt, I omitted instead used salted butter that I had at hand. It was awesome. Have forwarded the recipe to my sister as well.  Thanks Sarita for sharing this beautiful recipe. We loved every bit of it.It worked well as a great tea time snack and with a dollop of ice cream to go with it, fabulous dessert idea.   In fact, I am going to bake one more today as the apple cake has already done the disappearing act at my place. Hot cakes …guess this is what it is.


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Sarita's Delicious “Apple Cake” - Do Not Miss