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How To Grind Cream Of Wheat

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Cream of WheatAlmost all of us begin the day with a cup of coffee or tea.  Then follows the uber important meal of the day: "The Breakfast".  Some eat in a hurry and some take the leisure of having a long breakfast.  Both such people have different food preferences for breakfast.  The one's in a hurry or on the go try to eat more processed food in the form of cereals, oatmeal, bagels, doughnuts, or simply a glass of pre-packed juice.  And then there is another set of people who put in an effort to create fresh breakfast like omlettes, sandwich, fruit salad, pancakes, cream of wheat, or muffins.  Cream of wheat, which is also known as farina, is a classic breakfast option.   It has been prepared even before corn flakes was invented.


You can also grind cream of wheat at your house.  All you need to do is assemble some equipments and follow the below mentioned procedure:


  • You need a coffee grinder, measuring cups, heavy bottom pan, wheat grains, and hot water.
  • Measure a cup of wheat grains in the coffee grinder and blitz until the wheat grains have changed in to a coarse powder.  Please ensure that while grinding cream of wheat there are no lumps of chuncks of wheat in this powder.
  • Add the wheat powder in one cup of boiling water in the heavy bottom pan and stir frequently.  Remove all the lumps from this mixture.  Now place the pan on heat and add half cup of water to the mixture.  Stir it constantly.  After five minutes remove the pan from the heat and serve the cream of wheat.  


Cream of wheat can also be prepared with milk instead of water.  It infuses a creamier taste.  Cream of wheat is served with warm milk, maple or golden syrup/honey, raisins, almonds, and any fruit of your choice.  If you wish to savour solely the taste of Cream fo wheat then you can have it on its own.  It tastes the best when it is warm because it thickens as it cools and does not taste that good once it is cold.  



Cream of wheat is readily available in a ready to eat form of in the market.  However, freshly ground cream of wheat has a completely different flavor than the supermarket version.


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How To Grind Cream Of Wheat