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How To Remove Weevils From Cracked Corn

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Knowing the tricks to remove weevils from cracked corn is a wonderful preventive method to store corn properly. Removing weevils is not a great deal however it needs early detection that the corns are infested by weevils. Otherwise there is high chance these harmful pests spoils the whole corn stock and incurs great loss for the home owners. Weevils lay heir eggs in the grains and corns hence they spoil the entire portion of grain somehow by consuming and somehow laying larvae in them.



Tips to remove weevils from cracked corns

  • The first and foremost part of action for eradication weevils is to locate the infected area. Weevils may attack every remote part of kitchen or storage room where they get to consume corns or grain type foods. Wherever these pests would be located you have to discard all the materials from there.
  • You should always wear good quality gloves in hand while treating the weevil infestation for the purpose of complete eradication.
  • In case you have found anything infested by weevil, you should discard the complete item instantly; consumption of weevil infested food grain may prove dangerous to health. For example, if you have to eliminate weevils from grain bins, first you have to clean all the grains by scrubbing the husk of the beans.
  • When you have to remove weevils from food grain, you should use only organic pesticides; otherwise it may prove dangerous to health. Pyrethrin based insecticides like CB-80 Extra, Riptide Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV, and Konk Too are good quality organic pesticides, which can be used with lesser apprehension. You have to spry on the cupboard; however, it is never recommended to spray directly on the food grains.
  • Before you remove any corn from the shelf, allow the cupboard remain open for at least one hour after using the spray.
  • One of the prerequisites of corn preservation is storing the grains in dry and ventilated place. Corns are quite sensitive for moisture catching tendency as more than 15% moisture in corn grain may spoil the texture of grains and make them non-edible.
  • You should not keep


    large quantity of cracked corn in the bin because cracked corns are more vulnerable to weevils. In case the corns get moist, allow to have proper ventilation.

  • In case of weevil infection in cracked corn, you should not leave cleaning the cupboard because there is high chance that weevils have already infested the cupboard. Therefore it is necessary to clean the cupboard with organic insecticides and a sponge soaked in water on and on and after the thorough cleaning leave the cupboard open for 1-2 hours to get the inside air dry.
  • Once the inside the cupboard gets dry, further store the corns into air tight plastic or glass container. Unless the containers are chosen air tight, there is high chance that weevils may recur in the corns again. 


If you want to remove weevils for the cracked corn of your stock, if have to very careful and conscious about your storage containers and cupboard inside cleaning. Removing weevils completely is only possible if you clean cupboards regularly and check the corn grains at regualr interval.


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How To Remove Weevils From Cracked Corn