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How To Season Butcher Kettles

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Season butcher kettles

Season butcher kettles before you start using one. But what are butcher kettles? And why seasoning the kettles is important? Here are some facts. A butcher kettle is a large cast iron pot typically used to scald the hair off a butchered pig, rendering the boiling sausage after the casing has been stuffed. But these butcher kettles, that often holds about 30 gallons of water, get rusted real fast. This rust has to be removed and the kettles seasoned to make it ready for use.


Now let’s see how to season butcher kettles


  • First you need to remove the rust from the pot. Every butcher kettle will have some amount of rust or the other inside. Examine thoroughly inside. The best way to remove the rust is to scrub it with a wire brush dipped in vegetable oil. But some rust can be very sturdy and this method may not work. In that case, the best way to remove the rust is to take it to a sand blaster. Just pay attention to the interior of the pot. The exterior is going to get dirty anyway.
  • Now, you need to wash the pot very well to remove the soap and any remaining dirt in it. Do this carefully keeping in mind the purpose. You need to cook in it.
  • The next step is to dry it well in the sun. Take it to the backyard and let it rest there until it is completely dry.
  • The last step is to season it well with vegetable oil. Apply a thin layer of oil inside the pot with a cloth. Let it soak up all the oil before the cooking begins.


It is not just the butcher kettles but any cast iron pot needs to be seasoned well before use. Since seasoning kettles is not as tough as you thought it to be, you needn’t fret when you see rust inside it when you take it for use. But you need to season butcher kettles well in advance. So what are you waiting for?

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How To Season Butcher Kettles