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5 Good Reasons To Make Sweet 16 Mardi Gras Cakes

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Sweet 16 party

Sweet 16 Mardi Gras cakes for a sweet 16 party will be like icing on a cake. When you are throwing a lavish sweet 16 party, you got to have a cake that totally goes well with the party theme. If you aren’t yet convinced with the idea of going for sweet 16 Mardi Gras theme cakes, we tell you why you should be doing so and how it will make a difference to your party.


  1. While organizing a sweet 16 Mardi Gras theme party, one should go for Mardi Gras theme cakes only. The theme of the party should reflect in everything including cake. When the guests had enough fun hiding their identity under masks and indulging in games, finally leave them spellbound with a scrumptious cake.  
  2. Surprise your daughter with a sweet 16 Mardi Gras cake on her 16th birthday. Even though you have not organized a theme party for her, you can still gift her a Mardi Gras theme cake. A lavish cake would only show how much you care for her and strive to make her day special with a special gift like this one.
  3. Although Mardi Gras cakes are expensive, I would still recommend it for a budget party. Cut down on all costs and splurge on an expensive cake like Mardi Gras theme cake. It will make your day memorable and even for your small bunch of invited friends.
  4. Order for a sweet 16 Mardi Gras cake for your 16th anniversary. Gift your wife with a Mardi Gras cake and celebrate 16 years of successful marriage. Once again feel the bliss of being 16 years old. It will only lighten up your spirits for living happily for the rest of your life.
  5. Mardi Gras cakes are full of creativity, no other cake theme requires as much detailing as Mardi Gras cake. So, to bring out your creativity and show your talent, make a Mardi Gras theme cake.


Whether you have an occasion to celebrate or need a reason to celebrate, sweet 16 Mardi Gras cake is the perfect theme cake make it special. Try this in your next party or special day and feel the difference. 


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5 Good Reasons To Make Sweet 16 Mardi Gras Cakes