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What Are The Alternate Uses Of Horseradish Root?

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There are numerous horseradish root  alternative uses. Thanks to its numerous health benefits. Horseradish is native to western regions of Asia, and Europe. The root of horseradish is somewhat distinct from other spices, as it has got strong caustic smell, and natural spicy, pungent taste. It is used heavily in spicy and tangy preparations of sausages, sour creams, sauces, mayonnaise, and spicy garlic tomato products.



Horse radish has some of the wonderful health benefits which can be enjoyed when used in fresh forms as the older versions tend to degrade in their quality. Some of health benefits associated with it are, relief from arthritis pain, used aggressively in colds and flu attack, used in bronchitis, congestion, asthma, act as anti inflammatory, bolsters liver function, supports immunity, treats sinus like conditions, and used in dissolving kidney stones. Given so many good uses, why not use horseradish root in alternative ways in our kitchen to garner maximum benefit from this nature`s gift to us.



Medicinal Uses of Horseradish Root


During early times, when people complained of pain in joints and suffered from sciatica, horseradish roots came to their rescue. The broth and stews prepared out of horseradish roots can be great relief for people troubled with joint, and muscle pain. This is due to high content of mustard in horseradish root. Mustard instills the blood flow and smoothen the muscle contraction, thereby releasing the pain receptors from getting further stimulated.


Horseradish is used to eliminate intestinal worms. Infestation of intestinal worms of any class can be destroyed by drinking horseradish root concoction every morning on empty stomach.


It is helpful for respiratory disease sufferers and those with asthma. Horseradish root has an important chemical called glucosinolate which acts synergistic-ally with the mustard content to provide relief to respiratory blocking, suffocation and asthmatic attacks.


Oral consumption of horseradish root on frequent basis can lead to treatment of digestive upsets, colic diseases, and augment urination. It has diuretic activity.


Dietary uses of Horseradish root


Horseradish root is widely used in form of processed sauces, and mayonnaise as mentioned above. You can prepare the homemade sauces and store it for six weeks in your fridge. The shelf life if this condiment is revered globally. It is resistant to any bacterial or fungal infection so you can store it for a longer time period. Use it in dressing and seasoning of salad and foods. It is a wonderful flavoring agent to go with any dish.


Mollifying agent


Horseradish root oil is made available in local medical stores. Use of the oil smooth en nerves and the acidic smell emitted from it can be a great external relief to your joint bone. People sometimes use it in treatment of acne as it has capability of killing bacteria due to acidity in its grasp.


These are some of the noteworthy alternative uses of horseradish root which you can avail without any side effects associated to it.

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What Are The Alternate Uses Of Horseradish Root?