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There is nothing quite like growing your own vegetables. But many of us think that growing vegetables in cold weather is very difficult. Not to worry. Here I have described few useful tips on how to grow vegetables outdoorin cold weather.

There are many vegeVegetablestables which actually do well in cold climate

conditions such as cabbage, broccoli, carrots and few lettuces. With the proper planting and care, you can grow vegetables outdoor in cold weather and harvest them during the cold or warm seasons.

Come, let's discover some of the easy tips to grow vegetables outdoor in cold winter.

Always plant the seeds in a location where your plant can get abundant sunshine and remain protected from the wind. Make sure to plant the seeds in well-draining soil.

Giving water at the proper time is very crucial. Water the plants regularly to keep the soil moist. But do not flood the soil with water as it could damage your plants.

Cold frames can be used to retain moisture as well as temperature to provide a protection against cold winds.

Fertilizer is another factor which is very essential to keep in mind while you are growing vegetables in cold weather. Make sure to fertilize your plants atleast once in a month. Choose the fertilizer depending on which type of plants you are growing. For instance, if you are growing leafy vegetables, you should choose a fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen such as 15-3-3.

You can protect your vegetables from the cold with a layer of insulation. You can cover the base of your plants with a layer of hay, leaves or straw mulch to insulate the plants at the time of winter.

Growing vegetables in cold climate would be a great challenge but hopefully after reading these tips you will be more tempted to create your own winter vegetable garden.

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How To Grow Vegetables Outdoor In Cold Weather