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What Vegetables Grow In The Rainforest

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The uniqueness of the vegetables in the rainforest is that they can grab onto their nutrients in their primary plant form from anywhere! Even air! To know what vegetables grow in the Rainforest, you first need to understand the basic needs of the vegetables growing in the rainforest.Many of the foods we eat today originated in rainforests: avocado, banana, black pepper, Brazilian nuts, cayenne pepper, cassava/manioc, cashews, chocolate/cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, coconut, coffee, cola, corn/maize, eggplant, fig, ginger, guava, herbal tea ingredients (hibiscus flowers, orange flowers and peel, lemon grass), jalapeño, lemon, orange, papaya, paprika, peanut, pineapple, rice, winter squash, sweet pepper, sugar, tomato, turmeric, vanilla, and Mexican yam.


These plants live in a warm humid environment that allows an enormous variation rare in more temperate climates. Due to the most favorable and humid conditions of the rainforest, competition at ground level for light and food has led to evolution of plants  which live on the branches of other plants, or even strangle large trees to fight for survival.

Therefore, the vegetables in the rainforest are the ones that are most highly evolved and surprisingly adept at environmental changes:

Vegetables growing in the rainforest:

  1. True Yams- Out of the vegetables growing in the rain forests,  (Dioscorea spp., Dioscoreaceae) are the most important tropical "root". This is especially true in West Africa, parts of Central America and the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. 
  2. Onion- When you talk about any of the most commonly used vegetables in the rain forest, you cannot in any manner forget onions, which bring a crunch, a flavor, a fragrance to many a tried and tested recipes. Though it is easy to grow onions in any kind of temperate forests too, Nearly all the vegetables growing in the rain forest are not as adept as onions when it comes to doing so.
  3. Black Forest Pepper- This is one the spice route vegetables in the rainforest and its product. The main idea of this pepper isn’t really difficult to catch on to, especially with all the delicious recipes that come with this ingredient.
  4. Eggplant – Out of the many vegetables growing in the rainforests, the eggplants are perhaps the most widely spread with tons of variety. The oriental eggplants are native to tropical Asia and are very popular in Japan, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines. There are many varieties; light or dark purple, brown or green in skin color; round and slender in shape. Eggplants are used in many ways in the Orient and is one of the most sought after vegetables in the rainforest cultivation.  Tempura and pickling by Japanese, stir-fry and boiling by Chinese, stuffing and baking by Indian and Vietnamese. Oriental eggplants are sweet and delicious, that are cooked without peeling or salting.
  5. Corn -    Corn, also called maize, is a cereal grass related to wheat, rice, oats, and barley. It is one of lesser known vegetables growing in the rainforest. It is a plant whose food value and wide variety of uses make it the most important crop grown in the United States and one of the most important in the world. It is evident from the various cream corn recipes how amazing this is as an ingredient in many a dishes.

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What Vegetables Grow In The Rainforest