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How To Sprout Wheat Grass In A Jar

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Wheat grass as the name suggests is the young grass growing out of the wheat plant when it is just a few days old. This grass is a storehouse of nutrition and one can easily sprout wheat grass at home to reap its benefits. Wheat grass is best consumed as juice but it can also be eaten by using it in sandwiches or salads.













It is grown indoors and takes usually around 10 days to grow.

For sprouting wheat grass you would need a few simple materials like a jar, soil, some paper towels, a spray bottle filled with water and cheesecloth.

  • To begin with purchase a mason jar. They have a lid which has topper. This jar is mainly used for canning fruits or jams.


  • Next step in line to sprout wheat grass is to spread a layer of soil, say about half-a-inch, at the bottom of the jar.


  • Select some good quality wheat and spread it over the layer of the soil.


  • Spray water over the seeds till they soak. While doing this you will need to take care not to overdo it and saturate the soil too much.


  • The next essential step to effectively sprout wheat grass is to provide the jar with a screen. For this, place the cheesecloth over the lid of the jar and fasten it with the ring of the jar’s lid. The ring will keep the cheesecloth in place. The screen would protect the wheat grass from direct sunlight. 


  • To make sure the wheat grass sprouts nicely, place the jar on the window sill and spray it on a daily basis. While selecting the place just make sure it is safe enough to accommodate the jar, otherwise it might topple over, spoiling all your efforts in one go.


  • Now you just have to keep a watch on the jar. You will begin to see sprouts just after one day itself. But for the wheat grass to be fit to be used, it should be left to grow till it is about 7 inches long. Very carefully, cut the top of the wheat grass sprouts, around first 4 inches in length and can use this portion for making juice or eating. Then when the wheat grass grows again, then snip off another 4 inches. But after the second cutting, discard the sprouts as they are not of much use now.


Wheat grass has high levels of Vitamins like Vit., E, B12 and minerals like iron, potassium and phosphorus. Wheat grass benefits are many and it can be used from an anti-aging agent to a detoxifying agent. Drinking wheat grass juice can be helpful in maintaining a youthful and glowing skin. In fact fresh wheat grass juice is also said to have anticancer properties. Regular intake of this juice can also provide relief from skin diseases like eczema.

So what are you waiting for? Sprout wheat grass in your home and avail all these benefits that it offers.

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How To Sprout Wheat Grass In A Jar