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How To Make Colored Sugar For Baking

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Colored Sugar, a great ingredient to decorate cakes and desserts, can be prepared at home easily. Here are a few tips on how to make colored sugar at home, which will save you time, money, and give you the joy of using something prepared by you! So read on and learn more...



Easy Tips To Make Colored Sugar


You can make colored sugar for baking in any shade by mixing different food colors into plain white sugar. 


  • Take granulated sugar and transfer the required amount of sugar into a glass bowl. If you make excess sugar than the required amount, make sure to store it in an air tight container.


  • Take any of the desired food color and place one drop on the center of the bowl. In case you need more than one color, use separate bowls.


  • After adding drop of it, whisk it thoroughly for a minute so that the color mixes evenly. If you prefer to have dark color, add drop by drop till you get the desired shade. Also whisk well after adding each drop to prevent clumps.


  • Fork can be used to whisk the sugar, in case you use fingers wear tight plastic gloves which you can get from the drug store. While handling food coloring you should be careful as it leaves stains on your hands and clothing that are difficult to remove. It always better to wear an apron too.


  • You can also blend colors by mixing two or more batches of sugar. Use easy color mixing theory to get the desired color like red and blue gives purple, blue and yellow would give green and so on. Different quantity of red, yellow and blue would give unusual shades.


  • Use powdered food coloring which is very easy to mix and you get lovely shades blending them. Powdered food coloring is commonly used to prepare cotton candy and you can order them online. Little amount is enough to get good shades. And you need not worry about the lumps that are formed using liquid coloring.


  • Pour the excess sugar into an air tight container to use it later.


 Follow this technique and prepare colored sugar yourself and get the great hues to decorate your cakes and cookies.


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How To Make Colored Sugar For Baking