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How To Make Carob Chips?

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Unsweetened Carob


Ever wondered if you could make your favorite carob chips in your own kitchen! Well, it's very much possible. This small guide on 'How To Make Carob Chips' will help you find the answers.


Carob chips vs Chocolate chips: "Carob chips" –  are the best substitute for chocolate chips. Whatever be the reason for you to resist chocolate chips, be it chocolate allergies or other health concerns, you need not resist carob chips. They are very similar to chocolate chips in  their color and texture, but with a mild sweetener flavor, which differentiates carob chips from the latter. Moreover, they doesn’t contain as much caffeine as chocolate chips.

How to make carob chips from carob powder: Carob beans are used to make carob chips. These beans come from brown-colored flat pods of the carob tree, which is generally grown in the African continent. To make carob chips, all you need is to dry its pulp first, roast it and make carob powder, which looks quite similar to the cocoa powder.

Step 1: Before you start making carob chips, collect two cups of coconut oil, two tablespoons of vanilla extract, three-fourth cup of carob powder, half-a-cup of Rapadura, Portuguese name for a form of sugarcane juice, and two teaspoons of chocolate extracts. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Step 2: Pour some hot but not boiling water into the bowl and let allow the chocolate extract and coconut oil to melt into it.

Step 3: Make a thick paste of this mixture and spread it on a piece of butter paper and chill in a refrigerator.

Step 4: The paste will get hardened once it cools. Once it is hard enough, carefully remove the hardened carob from the paper and cut it into chips of any shapes.

Store the carob chips in an airtight container or a zip-lock bag. Don’t forget to keep the container back in the refrigerator until you need to make a recipe out of it next time.

With these easy to follow tips on How To Make Carob Chips, treat your guests with cookies, cakes or ice creams made of from your very own homemade carob chips.

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How To Make Carob Chips?