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How To Prepare A Marinade For Fish To Be Roasted

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Though I am an earth sign, nothing can keep me away from preparing yummy marinade for fish to be roasted in the earthen grills. Marinating fish that has to be roasted, is only slightly different from the marinade for grilled fish. The Marinade for fish to be roasted must be have about the same consistency of acids, spices and salt, and of course, the signature herbs.

Here are a few very safe and easy ways to prepare marinade for fish to be roasted.  Before everything, please do check that your fish is fresh! Dealing with Unhygienix out of the Gaulish village wouldn’t exactly be a grand idea. Remember no amount of tasty marinade can save a rotten fish! Right, moving on along!




  1. Keral Fishie: One of the most famous ways of marinating fish to be roasted is the Indian Keralite Marinade. Not too difficult, it consists of basic herbs and spices. The basic ingredients are Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander powder, salt and vinegar. Now, those are easy to get, aren’t they? Look up this simple recipe to find out how to prepare the marinade for fish and then roast it.

2. Chile, mint and basil marinade: Another way of marinading fish to be roasted is with   Chile, Mint And Basil Marinade.  This is a quick method, which ensures the fish will be crisp yet succulent after its well done!

3. Citrus,Honey Herb marinade :Another way of marinading a fish to be roasted is the Citrus, honey and herb marinade.





4.Lemon- Orange Marinade:. Talk about guys trying out all new zings in life, a refreshing new marinade here.





5.Lime-Chilli Marinade- Marinating fish to be roasted is a very personal and individual taste based deal. I am personally a very spicy-tangy lover of food. So, this marinade is one of my favorites. Check the recipe out and try it out!

6.Mustard marinade : If you are the kinds who like the strong piercing, yet yummy smell of a nice wicked mustard, on that fish, try this one out. Though when it comes to marinating fish to be roasted, we generally choose a little less sour herbs and spices, there are many variations of this marinade for roast fish the world over.

7.Mean meen marinade : this I call a Mean Meen marinade, since, this is one of the best marinade for fish to be roasted after. In the southern parts of India, this marinade has been a family signature status, and with the recipe in your hands, you must give it all you can to get the perfect pomfret masala indian roast fish!

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go to my school! Keep on swimming!


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How To Prepare A Marinade For Fish To Be Roasted