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How To Use Barley Malt As Fermented Sugar

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USing Barley MaltYou can use barley malt as fermented sugar in brewing and baking. A powder or a thick syrup, barley malt is a natural sweetener that is fed to yeast, which in turn helps the bread dough to rise. Using barley malt as fermented sugar also renders a nutty and earthy flavor to the bread. Read on to know how you can use barley malt as fermented sugar while baking whole wheat bread.


Tips For Using Barley Malt As Fermented Sugar For Baking Bread


Use Double The Quantity Of Sugar


Substitute each measure of sugar used for yeast fermentation with double the quantity of barley malt. You can choose diastatic barley malt syrup for the purpose.


Prepare A Yeast-Malt Mixture


Mix malt syrup to yeast and keep aside the mixture for about 10 minutes so that yeast can be proofed. Proofing is done so as to check the ability of ease to foam up. The more the foam is, the better the bread will taste.


Add All The Dry Ingredients Of Bread


Baking a whole wheat bread needs the inclusion of dry ingredients like whole wheat flour, salt and baking powder. Mix all the dry ingredients.


Mix Wet Ingredients With Dry Ingredients


Take rest of the wet ingredients, add about 2 tbsp malt syrup and mix well. Add this wet mixture to the dry mixture and shape into a sticky dough.


Knead The Dough


Transfer the dough to a mildly floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes by folding the dough and applying pressure.


Refrigerate The Dough


Shape the kneaded dough into a ball. Using a kitchen towel dusted with flour, wrap the ball, arrange in a bowl and place in the refrigerator for about 8 hours for the dough to rise. It is ideal to keep the dough refrigerated till it becomes double in quantity.


Allow The Air Bubbles To Break


The air bubbles present inside the dough should be broken, For this, use your hands and press the dough hard.


Bake The Bread


Shape the dough into a loaf that will fit into the pan. Keep aside the dough for half an hour. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to desired temperature. Arrange the loaf in the pan and bake to desired consistency.


Wow! Your whole wheat bread baked by using barley malt as fermented sugar is ready to be served. Cool for 10 minutes, slice and serve with a spread of your choice along with fresh fruit juice.


So, that was very simple, I guess! Now, choose to use barley malt for fermented sugar and enjoy a more delicious bread!


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How To Use Barley Malt As Fermented Sugar