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How To Make Mini Floats

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Hot summer for Americans reminds them of  ice mugs with root beer floats. Want to make mini floats at home for your children and family members?  Making mini floats are easy and you can do it for the weekend party and delight your guests. Ice cream mini float are not only meant for kids, adults also can taste the yummy mini float. You can make mini floats in just two to three minutes.

Method 1 to make mini floats:

Ingredients: Ice cream, shot glass, soda, spoon, and teaspoon.

Keep the teaspoon on the hot running water,  this prevents the ice cream sticking to the spoon.  It is always recommended to use a warm spoon.

Using the warm spoon,  take 1 tsp full of ice cream from the ice cream container.

Place the ice cream in the shot glass and press it so that it settles at the bottom of the glass.

Pour the soda in the 45- degree tilted shot glass; if soda is poured directly, you will get only foams instead of soda.

Now you can see the ice cream floats on the top of the glass. Make a number of miniature floats as you wish. Serve them with macaroni and cheese or with chicken nuggets.

Method 2 to make mini floats

Bored with root beer float, here is another method to make mini floats for this summer.  Add your favorite flavor to it and welcome the hot summer with different miniature floats.

Ingredients: Strawberry ice cream, raspberry soda, raspberries, cherries and strawberries for topping, shot glass, and teaspoon

Press the one teaspoon of strawberry ice cream in the shot glass with a warm spoon.

Pour the soda in the tilted glass. Add raspberries and strawberries to garnish.

Method 3 to make mini floats.

Ingredients: ginger ale or cream soda, tangerine sorbet, pine apple juice, fresh cut pine apple, tea spoon and shot glass.

You make the tangerine sorbet float in the cream soda or the ginger ale. Add pineapple juice and toss it with fresh cut pineapples.

Make mini floatswith your favorite flavor and enjoy the taste with your family and friends.

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How To Make Mini Floats