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How To Split A Citrus Fruit And Eat It


Although splitting a citrus fruit does not need any expertise it helps if you have a little practice. Cutting and splitting a citrus fruit for various purposes, including salads and desserts is very easy. Citrus fruits including lemons, oranges, grapefruits and limes have bright fleshy sections that provide flavor and color to your salads and pasta sauces.


Before delving deep into methods for cutting the fruits, let us focus on buying them. Because buying firm and fresh fruits ensures that your splitting job is easier to do.


In a supermarket, you should always select the fruits that are firm and heavy. You should also be careful only to select the fruits that are bright and colorful. Fruit with discolored skins or bruised fruits might be stale.


First decide how you want your citrus fruit to be split. If you want wedge sized slices, it’s better to peel an orange, grape or tangerine using your hand. If you have issues with that, get a good quality citrus peeler available at your nearest supermarket. A citrus peeler’s job is to separate the fruit along the fruit’s natural divisions.


Now that we have tackled peeling the citrus fruit, let’s concentrate on splitting it. Here’s how you do it. Take a firm fruit and cut it into half. While cutting the fruit, make sure you are doing it across the fruit’s equator. The stem ends of the fruit should be top and bottom while you do this. After cutting the fruit into two, run your knife carefully rotating the fruit so that the fruit separates from the rind. This way your citrus fruit is separated from the peel and falls off straight into your bowl. Either way, peeling is the most simple way to split your citrus fruit if you intend to eat it and not for food decoration purposes.


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How To Split A Citrus Fruit And Eat It