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How To Color Fondant Icing At Home - It Is Easy

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I love using fondant to decorate cakes and prefer it to cream and chocolate based icings. Fondant gives your cake so much more character, adds color and gives a neat and finished look, which may be a bit difficult to achieve with icing. Fondant is easy to make and is easier to get ready from a cake decorating store. The paste has a wonderful pliable texture and you can use it to roll and cover your cake or to mold into various shapes to add on top of your cake. If you already have white fondant and want to know how to add different colors to it, here are a few tips on how to color fondant at home. It is really easy.


Coloring Fondant

To color your fondant you will need icing colors, which are available in cake and confectionary decorating stores. You can also get them online. While several tints and shades may be available, smaller quantity bottles may be available for the basic colors.

Here are the steps to color fondant

  1. Keep your white fondant ready. If you have prepared it at home, rest it for a while before you color it. I would suggest that you use a little extra fondant than the amount required to decorate the cake. Just incase you fall short, it will be tough for you to get the exact color with a new batch of fondant.
  2. Put on a pair of gloves, you could use latex or plastic, the idea is to save your hands from getting colored. Use a flat and smooth work surface.
  3. Start by kneading the fondant and make it into a ball, then flatten it slightly with your palm.
  4. You will need 4-5 toothpicks. Dip the tip of a toothpick into the desired color of icing and make dots of the color or wipe it on the fondant. Use a fresh tooth pick for each color.
  5. Always add lesser amount of color in the beginning, if you require a paler shade. For a darker shade, add more color.
  6. Once you have dotted the fondant with the desired amount of color, start kneading it again till all the color blends and you get even colored dough. Keep kneading if there are streaks or patches on uneven coloring.
  7. If you feel that the color is too light, repeat the steps to get a darker color.
  8. Do not add too much icing color as it may alter the taste of the fondant and may leave your hands and mouth colored after eating the cake. You can always use an airbrush to spray more icing color after you have rolled and applied the fondant to the cake. This will give a better finishing.
  9. Remember to rest your colored fondant for a while before you roll it out or use it on your cake.
  10. You can store the colored fondant just you would your white fondant. I would advise wrapping it in plastic wrap and keeping it in an airtight container.

Making fondant colors

If you have the basic icing colors, you could use them to make other colors, just as you do with paint. 

  • For green – mix yellow and blue
  • For orange – mix red and yellow
  • For purple – mix blue and red
  • For black – mix red, blue and yellow in equal quantities
  • For brown – mix green and red

I always keep a bottle of white icing color along with my basic colors. You can make any pastel shade by adding twice the amount of white to a primary color or to the above made colors.


Now that you know how to color fondant, go ahead and get creative and have some fun.

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How To Color Fondant Icing At Home - It Is Easy