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How To Make Italian Basket Cheese

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Italian Basket Cheese is traditionally used during Easter especially for binding other ingredients. Making Italian Basket Cheese is not an arduous task and can be easily done at home. It can also be added to the antipasto, and does not melt when fried. The name Italian Basket Cheese has been derived from the container into which it is put for draining, and ripening of the cheese. Let us now learn how to make Italian basket cheese at home.


  1. The first step of making Italian basket cheese involves heating the milk to exactly the right temperature. The lukewarm milk is then mixed with some rennet which needs to be stirred in properly and the milk is then kept aside for setting.

  2. The curdled milk is placed on a slow fire and reheated again for a couple of minutes. The bits of curds that form on the milk now need to be separated by pushing it gently to a side with the aid of a spoon.

  3. The curds are simply removed by using a slotted spoon and placed in a basket that has been lined with multiple layers of cheese cloth. The cheesecloth is then draped all over the container carefully in order to cover the nascent Italian Basket Cheese completely.

  4. The next step involves immersing the basket within the whey and pressing it constantly. The Italian Basket Cheese then needs to be drained with a constant pressure applied on the top for about two hours.

  5. The cheese can be unwrapped and sprinkled with salt, or stored in an unsalted form after it has been drained of the last drop of liquid.


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How To Make Italian Basket Cheese