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How To Make A Faux Flower Cake - Learn It Here

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A cake is a mark of celebration no doubt, but the effect and the associated joy with the event becomes even more apparent when you make a faux flower cake, and place it as a centerpiece. Making a faux flower cake is definitely not too much of work. It is amazing how easily you can transform your dull looking slab of sponge or plain cake into a work of art once you know how to make a faux flower cake. Not entirely convinced? Learn it here!


  • You can make a faux flower cake by starting off with a cake mix bought from the neighborhood store if you are not too inclined to start from scratch. The process of making a faux flower cake begins by pouring off the mixture into two greased cake pans, square in shape. Baking the cakes comes next followed by cooling them.

  • The next step that you need to do as you make a faux flower cake is to cut off the rounded top from one of the cakes. Making a faux flower cake proceeds as you liberally cover the second cake with a rich butter icing.

  • Measuring both the cakes with one atop the other is an important step to remember while you make a faux flower cake. The length from the base to the center of the topmost cake needs to be recorded as well.

  • Spreading the butter icing evenly over the entire cake comes next. The sides and top of the cake also needs to be even and you can do it with the aid of a spatula as you try to make a faux flower cake.

  • Colored fondant strips, about 2 inches wide and equal in length to the cake is now required to be cut from the sheets of fondant. Cutting out a small triangle from each of the strips will give you a fish tail like shape.

  • The task of learning how to make a faux flower cake becomes more interesting as you press each of the fondant strips into the center of the cake with the help of a little icing. The ends are then flipped upwards and resemble a curling ribbon.

  • The final stage of learning to make a faux flower cake includes inserting silk or natural flowers of varying sizes on the top of the cake.


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