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How To Make Orange Marmalade Thicker

How to make orange marmalade thicker? Hmm... that reminds me of the title song from the movie, Moulin Rouge. Especially, these lines,

“He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge

Struttin’ her stuff on the street

She said, “Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?” Oh! uh huh”

I love that song but let's talk about that later. Now, the thing about orange marmalades is that when you give it a go, its flavor grows on you. To get that perfect, tangy marmalade, one needs to make orange marmalade with the right consistency. It should neither be too syrupy nor too thick like a candy bar. It has to be perfect. It is easy but it is quite an art. This post is going to be about making thick orange marmalade; nice and tangy, just like the one you tasted in your aunt's house.


Orange marmalade is a type of fruit preserve that is made from orange fruit rinds, sugar and water. All the ingredients are boiled together until they set in that right consistency. Traditionally, marmalade was made from Seville oranges from Spain. But nowadays, marmalade refers to any fruit rind preserve. The orange marmalade as we know it is more like the default breakfast bread spread in millions of homes across the world.


The traditional recipe of orange marmalade was a time consuming one and it consumed a lot of sugar. Sugar was the traditional thickening agent. But these days, many cooking enthusiasts and chefs use pectin to thicken the marmalade. Pectin is complex carbohydrate found in plant cell walls. It is a natural thickening agent. The usage of pectin to make orange marmalade is a weight watcher's delight because it reduces the sugar consumption by 75%. Making thick orange marmalade using pectin involves the same process of making it thicker by using only sugar.


Like I said, it is simple to make orange marmalade. But it is simpler to eat. Enjoy!


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How To Make Orange Marmalade Thicker