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Tips For Growing Winter Vegetables

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You love to garden but you may be feeling hesitant to start a crop of vegetables in the winter. This is a common fear amongst gardeners since you want to invest your time, money and energy well. The common deterrent is the weather, mostly because freezing temperature can cause your plants and your enthusiasm to quickly die out. Not to worry. Here are some tips for growing winter vegetables. Hopefully after reading this and viewing the video about winter vegetable recommendations, you will feel more confident about growing your own food in the winter.


Potatoes, leeks and parsnips might be something you would like to try for winter in addition to spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, garlic, beets, cabbage, turnips and rutabagas. Below we've listed some steps to help you get started: 

  1. You may want to clear the ground of all the summer leftovers from the garden.
  2. Dig and invert the soil at least 6 inches to get rid of the weeds and aerate the soil both in bare ground and in a boxed out garden.
  3. Windbreaks and walls surrounding your gardening area and plants are good for keeping away some of the cold winds.
  4. Cloches or temporary green houses can be constructed with wire frames and cables, though they might have to be manually ventilated if there is excessive heat build-up inside.
  5. Cold frames can be used too to retain moisture and temperature and provide protection against cold weather.
  6. Permanently edged raised beds have been used for centuries and could be the best alternative if you have the space using bricks, lumber, old tires, stones and concrete.
  7. Mulching is very important and reduces evaporation in addition to protecting the roots of plants.
  8. Do not plant the same crop or vegetable you planted before in the same spot. It is important to have a rotation of crops. 
  9. Cover with fleece or perforated polythene as protection against frost and winds in order to prevent your plants from freezing and dying. 

So go ahead and take these tips for growing winter vegetables!  You might have your own garden vegetables this Christmas to talk about at the dinner table. For more great winter vegetable ideas check out this video!

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Tips For Growing Winter Vegetables