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Dragon Whiskers Candy

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"Dragon Whiskers" candy at a little stand in Insa-dong neighborhood in Seoul. They turn a hard block of honey into 16,384 strands! woooow. the even speak koreanglish!

Dragon Whiskers is popular in Japan and Korea and is originally Chinese. What makes them so special? Dragon beard candy is made with very simple ingredients, can be honey, but sometimes is mainly maltose and sugar, but it takes a few years to master the art of pulling them into literally thousands of strands, much like hand-pulled noodles. After all that stretching and twisting and folding, they are cut into shorter lengths and rolled around a mixture of sesame seeds and peanuts, among other things. A sweet that goes back in history 2000 years.

Dragon Whiskers are crunchy and melt on your tongue. If really cold they are even more crunchy!

Traditionally, the candy must be eaten within 30-60 minutes of it being made before it starts to become sticky and lose its fine texture. Because of this, it has rarely been seen in countries outside of Asia.

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Dragon Whiskers Candy
Dragon whiskers candy is very popular in China. It is made with simple ingredients like honey, but maltose and sugar are also often used. The guys in the video turn a hard block of honey into 16,384 strands!. they even speak koreanglish!

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