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How To Make Pasty Dough

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Individuals who do not like savory tid-bits in form of a pasty are a rare breed indeed. Yet however much we may like the pasty with its mouthwatering filling, the perennial question of how to make pasty dough remains difficult to answer. This occurs as we seldom try to find out the hard facts that lie behind making pasty dough.  It is also important to keep in mind the nature of the dough. Achieving  the right consistency becomes a must when you decide to try your hand at making the pasty dough.  Too dry or too soft a dough will result in spoiling the end result especially when you are intent on preparing a hot pot or any other kind of savory pasties. The trick is to learn to make the dough a little flaky when you are trying to master the art of how to make pasty dough. You also need to have the essentials handy before you start making pasty dough.



Ingredients - The list of ingredients that you will need includes flour, butter in the chilled form along with the required amount of salt. It is best to equip yourself with a fine mesh strainer or flour sifter in order to refine the primary ingredient during making pasty dough.  A large jug of water standing by your side will help you to save time as you set about finishing the task in hand.


Tricks - You will have to sift the flour along with salt in order to initiate the process of making pasty dough. Adding chilled bits of butter on top of the flour will allow your final dough to become flaky with just the right kind of consistency. Cutting the butter into small size is an art in itself and you have to be extremely careful while mixing the water into the flour, incorporating it carefully into crumbly textured dough as well.


You can always opt for making pasty dough in large quantities if you plan to save time. The dough can be safely wrapped and stored within a refrigerator until required.


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How To Make Pasty Dough