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The Perfect Way to Grind Cinnamon

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This blog will guide you to the perfect way to grind cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a type of spice that is widely used for making various things such as eatables, beverages, pharmaceuticals and liquors. Apart from these commercial things, cinnamon is also one of the common household spices. We generally use cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder for cooking. Cinnamon sticks are basically the bark pieces of cinnamomum tree. Mostly grown in Asian countries like Sri Lanka and China, cinnamon is mainly used for adding special fragrance and flavor to the recipe. There are two types of cinnamon that are known as Cassia and Ceylon. The cinnamon powder for cooking is made by using the Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

Although, you can easily get cinnamon powder in your nearest market, it is always safer to grind the cinnamon sticks at home. Grinding cinnamon is extremely easy and can be effortlessly done by anyone. So, we bring to you the perfect way to grind cinnamon.

1. First and foremost, you have to have a spices grating machine in order to grind the cinnamon at home. So, once to get that spices grating machine, place it over a large pot.

2. Secondly, hold a cinnamon stick in your hand and lay it flat on the spices grating machine. It is always suggested that one should use the small holes to grate the cinnamon finely.

3. Then, you just need to rub the cinnamon stick on the spices grating machine from the back. The large pot should be placed exactly under the spices grating machine holes so that the grounded cinnamon powder falls directly in the pot.

4. Follow the above mentioned process and grind the whole amount of cinnamon stick that you have. Also, you should not try to grind the small cinnamon sticks in the spices grating machine as it might slip from your hand and you may cut your fingers.       

5. Grind as many cinnamon sticks as you need. Avoid grinding the cinnamon sticks when they become too small to handle so that you don't cut your skin on the grater.

6. Lastly, you need to check that grounded cinnamon powder to see if there are any large pieces. In case you see some large pieces of cinnamon stick in the grated powder, you can use a regular coffee grinder to finely grind the already grated cinnamon sticks.

This is the perfect way to grind cinnamon and everyone can follow these above mentioned steps to get fresh and unadulterated cinnamon powder.

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The Perfect Way To Grind Cinnamon