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How To Brine A Pork Butt

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Brining pork butt is an easy process and does not require too much of effort. Learn these few tips on how to brine a pork butt with our article on brining pork butt.


Brining pork butt


The main ingredients and equipment required for brining pork butt are:

-A large container for holding the pork

-Bottled Water


-Kosher salt

-Plastic foil or wrap

-Paper tissues


Procedure for brining pork butt


- Fill the container with molasses, bottled water and salt.


-Once the salt has fully dissolved in the water, add the pork slab to the brine solution. Make sure that the pork is completely submerged.


-Cover the container with a cover or a lid or wrap a piece of plastic wrap as a cover.


-Refrigerate the container for at least 8 to 12 hours.After the specified time, remove the pork butt from the brine solution. 


-Use cold water to rinse the pork butt and use the paper tissues to pat dry the pork.


-Once the pork butt has been taken out from the brine solution and rinsed in water, herbs and other seasonings can be used to season the pork butt.


One needs to know how to brine a pork butt, as it is an effective way to add an even salty flavor to the pork butt before using the pork in any dish.


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How To Brine A Pork Butt