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How To Make Tequila-Lime Marinade

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If you have some leftover tequila lying around in the house, how about using tequila and lime together, to make a delicious tequila lime marinade? Learn how to make tequila lime marinade with our brief guide.


Chefs and homemakers since centuries have experimented with food to concoct creative and sumptuous dishes. Tequila-Lime marinade is one example of a creative streak that cooks are said to be blessed with. Discussed below are some tips for making tequila lime marinade








-Fresh lime juice

-Lime zest

-Jalapeno Chile

-Green onions

-Grounded cumin

-Cayenne pepper

-Corn Oil




Equipments required


-Measuring cups

-Wooden spoons

-Mixing bowls


-Measuring spoons

-Basting brushes


Making tequila-lime marinade


-To make tequila-lime marinade, one needs to mix all the ingredients together.


-The mixture should be allowed to rest for at least 2-3 hours and preferable overnight.


-After the mixture has been kept aside to rest, shake the mixture so that the all ingredients mix well.


-Keep some mixture aside to use as baste.


-White meats such as pork and chicken should be marinated for at least 2 hours. If preparing the dish using fish and shell fish, marinate them for at least 45 minutes.


-Always shake the meat or fish while it is being marinated so that all the parts are evenly marinated.


-When you are ready to grill the marinated meat or fish, use the marinade that you had kept aside as baste during the second part of cooking.Once you start cooking, dispose the remaining marinade.


-This marinade is pretty potent so one should be very careful with the quantity used.


-It is advisable to cook the marinade a day in advance as that would give the jalapenos can blend in well.


-As this recipe contains alcohol, be extra careful of strong rising flames while grilling the food. Immediately remove food when flames rise up.


-It is advised to use metal bowls and utensils for making tequila lime marinade.


We hope our guide on how to make Tequila lime marinade has been useful for you and that with this guide we have been successful in making your food more delicious.


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How To Make Tequila-Lime Marinade