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How To Brew The Best Coffee

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Everyone loves a cup of aromatic, hot, steaming coffee. However, it has been often noticed that the coffee prepared at home doesn’t taste as great as the coffee shop coffee. Learn how to brew the best coffee with our tips and enjoy the same flavor of coffee at home.                                                                 


Brewing the best coffee


For brewing the best coffee at home that tastes similar to the coffee brought at the coffee shop, one needs to keep some key points in mind. While brewing coffee at home, we tend to overlook these apparently insignificant points and so are not able to replicate the same delicious coffee at home that we get at the cafe.


Use filtered water: Only use filtered water to make your coffee. Tap water contains chemicals and impurities which makes the coffee taste bad regardless of the type of coffee that you have bought. Bottled water, distilled water and on-faucet water filters are ideal options.


Use French Press: Preferably use French press to make your coffee as French press allows the water to stay in contact with the coffee for a longer duration than in the automatic coffee maker. If water stays in contact with coffee for a longer time, then more flavor is extracted from the coffee beans.


Buy whole bean coffee:  Try buying whole bean, organic coffee as organic coffee is free from any pesticides and chemicals. Many different forms of roasted coffees are available. French, dark and espresso roasted coffee beans are stronger in taste than the lightly roasted versions.


Buy a good coffee grinder: Although you can buy inexpensive coffee grinders online or off the shelf, buy a good quality grinder if you are using French press. One option is the Bodum Antigua coffee grinder.


Buy a stove top tea-kettle: Always rinse the inside of the tea kettle with filtered water to wash out any chemicals left during the previous tap water usage.




-Fill the kettle with sufficient water to fill the French press and put it on the stove to boil

-Grind your coffee beans. Take care not to grind them into a fine powder, but ground them into size slightly larger than the regular pre-grounded coffee powder. 

-Place the grounded coffee at the bottom of the French press after removing the filter plunger part of the French press

-Once the water has boiled, turn the stove off and let the water rest for around 5 minutes. Once the water has cooled a little, pour it over the grounded coffee beans.

-Wait for around 2-3 minutes to allow the coffee flavor to steep in the hot water. 

-Cover the French press and plunge the filter slowly downwards.

-Pour the coffee in your coffee mug and enjoy the best coffee.


With our guide on how to brew the best coffee, you can now enjoy the taste of the coffee shop bought coffee sitting at the comfort of your home, reading your favourite magazine.  Brewing the best coffee at home is possible now, if you keep the above mentioned points in your mind while making coffee.


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How To Brew The Best Coffee