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How To Age Beef Tenderloin

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Commercially available dry aged beef tastes divine and as much as it is divine, it is also expensive . A low cost alternative is to age fresh beef tenderloin at home. Learn with us how to age beef tenderloin and enjoy the deep flavor of aged beef at your home.                                      





Aging beef tenderloin


Aging beef tenderloin stimulates the breaking down of muscle tissue with the help of enzymes which impart a rich, deep texture and flavor to the fresh beef. A fresh beef needs to be aged for days together for the flavor to develop.  Dry aged beef works on the principle of dehydration or evaporation of all fluids in the beef, when the beef is exposed to air. The evaporation of all fluids helps in concentrating the beef’s flavor. As the meat loses weight due to evaporation of fluids and the dried outer layer needs to be trimmed before putting it up for sale, the dry aged beef tenderloin is sold at high prices and is not easily available in the market.


Requirements for aging beef tenderloin at home


As home refrigerators are not as cold as commercially available cold storage units, hence one needs to buy a refrigerator thermometer to ensure that the temperature of the refrigerator remains below 40F.  Also, it is advised to use the best quality boneless beef rib, such as the USDA prime meats which are manufactured in limited quantity for restaurants. Essentially the beef that you choose should be firm and should have thick fat layer. Local grocery stores do not usually carry this fine beef, so you might need to visit a gourmet food store.


Method of aging beef tenderloin


Buy the best available beef which has a thick layer of fat and unwrap it from the plastic wrap. Rinse the beef once and dry it using paper tissues. Do not trim the beef. Loosely wrap the beef in a cheese cloth which has a triple layer (or use three cheese cloths) and put the wrapped beef aside on a tray in a refrigerator. Preferably, put the beef on the lowest shelf as that is the coldest part of the refrigerator. Refrigerate the beef for 3-7 days. The more, the beef is allowed to age, deeper is the flavor and texture that the beef develops.  Make sure that you unwrap and re-wrap the cheesecloth each day so that the threads of the cheese cloth do not stick to the beef.


To begin with the roasting process, once the beef has been dried in the refrigerator for the required days, unwrap the beef and slice off the dried and hard outer layer of the beef. You can also remove any dried fat portions, but make sure that you retain the good fat areas. For roasting you can either slice the slab of beef into thin slices or can roast the entire beef at a single go. 


Aging beef tenderloin at home ensures that the steaks have a concentrated, thick texture and a rich flavor. We hope that after learning how to age beef tenderloin, you would be able to replicate the flavor of the delicious steaks served in steakhouses in your own homes.


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How To Age Beef Tenderloin