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How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder

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Tortillas are largely used in various delicious cuisines and to make tortillas for your regular use you must know about how to make tortillas without baking powder. Most of the recipe of tortillas will ask you to mix a pinch of baking powder, which can definitely be avoided. From my practical experience of making tortillas without baking powder, I can assure you that these tortillas will no way be lesser than the one prepared with baking powder. Since, there is no chemical substance present in these tortillas; you can safely consume them on a regular basis.


Tortillas are mainly prepared from corn flour or wheat flour. You can enjoy the same effect of baking powder, when you mix little bit of vegetable or olive oil into the flour. The tortillas made from whole wheat flour are good source of fibers, vitamins and minerals. Consuming these tortillas in a regular manner, will provide you lot of essential nutrients. So, you should know the recipe for making tortillas without baking powder.


How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder

  • To prepare the tortillas without the baking powder, first you have to knead the flour. If you take 2 cups of flour, then use 1/4th cup of vegetable or olive oil to cut in. Also, don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to the flour. Now thoroughly mix these ingredients until the flour becomes crumbled. Now use lukewarm water to prepare the dough. Slowly add water to the flour and build up the dough till it becomes consistently thick and soft. Kneading the dough is an important part of the tortilla making process. Even if the dough looks to be ready, you might need to knead it more by sprinkling water and flour, as and when these are required. Initially, you might find it little difficult, but within couple of days you will be able to make a soft and gummy dough.
  • When the dough is ready, then you should cut out small balls from the dough. The size of the tortillas will depend on the size of the balls. With the help of both the palms roll these balls into a flat and round shape before you start rolling them.
  • Now put your pan over medium heat on the gas burner and let it heat. On the other side, you prepare the floured surface for rolling the tortillas. Even if you don’t have the rolling board, you can make use of the countertop of your kitchen. Wipe the countertop with clean cloth and sprinkle some flour to start the rolling. With the help of the rolling pin, convert each of the dough balls to thin and round uncooked tortillas. Making them exactly round-shaped will surely require some practice.
  • Whenever you finish rolling a single tortilla, place it over the heated pan. Just make sure that the pan is not too hot. In that case, the tortilla will get burnt before it is perfectly done. Maintain a moderate heat throughout the process of baking the tortillas. While baking, flip the tortillas so that both the side can get cooked.
  • Use warm and freshly prepared tortillas to fill with your favorite stuffing.


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How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder