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How to Make Coca Cola Syrup

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Welcome to my blog! Today, I will share with you how to make coca cola syrup. Coca cola toppings are used in a variety of dishes and once you know how to make coca cola syrup on your own, you do not have to spend tiring days hunting for this not-so-easily-available syrup. The coca cola syrup is a perfect topping for desserts, especially ice creams and cakes. But then again, coca cola syrup is not just limited to desserts. You can use this delicious topping for glazing hams too, like they serve it in select restaurants. However, the rage for this wonder syrup is for mainly the deep fried coca cola. Deep fried coca cola is basically a cake shaped in the form of a funnel. This cake is a major hit during the fairs and carnivals across the U.S. But, even while the coca cola syrup is so much in demand, many people have a hard time hunting for this delicious topping. And sometimes, when they do come across the syrup, what they see is the unsweetened version! So, I thought of sharing some coca cola syrup recipes with you, so that you can prepare it yourself.


Making coca cola syrup

While the basic recipe for making coca cola syrup is the same, the companies have their own set of special ingredients to make their coca cola syrup unique. I am sharing some of these popular coca cola syrup recipes with you –


How to make coca cola syrup – recipe I

For making coca cola syrup, you need sugar, cocoa, a can of coca cola, little butter, light corn syrup and vanilla flavoring. Mix all the ingredients except the vanilla, in a saucepan and cook the mixture over a medium-high flame. Keep stirring constantly. Then, allow the mixture to simmer on a low flame till it thickens up. When the mixture reaches a thick consistency, stir in the vanilla essence in the mixture and allow the syrup to cool down. This completes your coca cola syrup. You can now use this syrup as a topping for your favorite sweets or you can simply glaze a ham with this yummy syrup.


How to make coca cola syrup – recipe II

For this recipe of coca cola syrup, you will need lime juice, sugar, water, vanilla extract, caffeine citrate, citric acid, coca extract and coca cola. Simply, mix the caffeine, lime juice and acid in boiling water. Then, add some vanilla  and the other ingredients when the mixture cools down. If you feel like, you can also add lemon oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil, nutmeg oil, neroli oil and coriander oil in some alcohol and add this mixture to the recipe to enhance its taste and flavor.


Now that you know how to make coca cola syrup, you can now use this syrup in making the hugely favorite fried coca cola with syrup. The fried coca cola is prepared in the following way –


1. A batter is prepared by combining baking powder, flour, cola and eggs. The batter should be of thin consistency, just like any funnel cake batter.


2. Then, a frying pan is filled with vegetable oil till it’s almost full. The oil is then heated over a medium-high flame. Once the oil is hot, the batter is drizzled on the hot oil through a funnel or a large scoop, in a circular motion. This batter is then fried with the help of tongs, till each side of the batter becomes golden brown. This makes the coca cola funnel cake ready.


3. The cake is served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and coca cola syrup or the cake is broken and layered in a tall cup and served with a topping of coca cola syrup, whipped cream, cherry and powdered sugar.


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How To Make Coca Cola Syrup