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How To Plant Table Grapes

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Tips to plant table grapesThis is your chance to know how to plant table grapes which usually grow in clusters and have oversized leaves. The interesting feature of this table grapes is that the leaves as well as the fruits of this plant are edible. Here are some easy steps on planting table grapes.


Start the process of planting table grapes by choosing the right place to plant them. You need a soil which is well drained and a place which receives ample sunlight. The soil pH levels should also be tested which needs to be between 5.0 and 5.5. In case you find that soil is not of the required levels, you should mix some lime with it or mix some peat moss for the purpose. You should break the soil to a dept of 18-inches with the help of a garden fork. You can also make use of a rotary tiller.


The best time to plant the table grape vines is early spring or the time when the soil is workable. You should plant 2 year or 1 year old table grapes vines during this time. You should also dig holes for these vines to grow which need to be of the same width as well as depth in which they were growing in their nursery containers. You should space each hole at least 8 inches away from one another and with a 12 inch space between the different rows. 


Now, you will need to do the following:

• Once the soil is ready you should slowly remove the table grape vines from their container. You will Growing table grapes at homeneed to set one table grape vine in each hole.


• Use your hands to pack the soil which is around each vine….this is done so that all air pockets are removed. 


• Now, water upto 1 inches with the help of a soaker hose, just after you plant the table grapes.


• You can now lay down 4 inch layer of mulch, just around these planted table grapes.


• Mulching will help to fend off different weeds and shall also help the table grapes to retain water.


• Keep watering the plant for a week with a minimum of 1 inch of water. This is very essential in the 1st season of its growth.


• After the first season, you should water at least twice a week so that soil moisture can be well maintained.


• If the day is dry you should water at least 3 days in a week.


• You need to hammer in 5-10 foot trellis just 1-3 inches behind the table grapes you have planted.


• You will have to slowly secure the main stem of every such plant to the trellis in the second growing season. You can use an elastic twine for this purpose


Follow these tips and plant table grapes in your own backyard the right way


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How To Plant Table Grapes