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Tips To Make Cranberry Sauce

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Cranberry sauce making tips We all know the benefits of cranberries and try to have it in as many different forms as possible. One such way to enjoy the benefits of cranberries, is through the cranberry sauce – if you wish to enjoy the benefits of cranberries you need to know how to make cranberry sauce. It is simple and won’t take much of your time.


If you are interested in making cranberry sauce, you will need some fresh cranberries for the purpose. Fresh cranberries are recommended always– though there are many people who believe that cranberries which were refrigerated can be used also and it doesn’t influence the taste of the sauce. Cranberry sauce can be of different flavors and is normally dependant on the region where the sauce is made. If you are in Europe, you will normally make a sauce which has a sour taste while in Northern parts of America you get a sweet sauce – actually the sauce is prepared keeping in mind the tastes and desires of the local people of the region.

Cranberry sauce is made in a saucepan and needs medium or low heat. It is made by dissolving sugar in orange juice. Once the sugar is well dissolved, the cranberries are put in the saucepan and cooked till all these cranberries start popping. It normally takes ten minutes for the cranberry to start popping. Once you find the cranberries popping up, you can slowly remove them from the heat and place the sauce in a bowl. You will notice that as the sauce cools down, it will get thick. Your cranberry sauce will be ready.

The above was the basic way of preparing the cranberry sauce. In case you wish to bring in a different taste you can add maple syrup, some cinnamons, zest, ginger, almonds and orange juice. It will make the sauce tastier and a change from the normal flavor of the sauce also. Those who prepare cranberry sauce at home for their regular purpose use this method of preparing the sauce so that the sauce is thick and very tasty.

However, commercial cranberry sauce is made in a slightly different style…this is the sauce you will get in your local supermarket. You will find that this sauce is quite uncondensed and loose. There are many stores which shall sell you the jellied or the condensed variety of the sauce. Thus, these sauces often take the shape of the container in which they are kept. In case you plan to make the jellied form, you will have to slip the sauce out of your can in a dish before you serve it to others.

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Tips To Make Cranberry Sauce