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How to Make Corn Nuggets

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Learn how to make corn nuggets, so that, you can enjoy these yummy snacks with your friends while you watch a movie. Once you know how to make corn nuggets on your own, you can save a lot of money, which otherwise washes away in buying fast foods outside. Corn nuggets can not only be enjoyed as standalone snacks, they can also be combined with other meals like fish fries. You can easily cook up creamed whole corn nuggets in bulk at home and enjoy these delicious munchies with friends and family. 


Things you will need

For making corn nuggets, you will need a can of creamed corn, half a cup of yellow cornmeal, a can of whole kernel corn in liquid, half a cup of all-purpose flour, white of an egg, two tablespoons of milk, three cups of vegetable oil and salt and pepper to taste.


Instructions on how to make corn nuggets

The first step in making corn nuggets is to mix the creamed corn and drained whole kernel corn in a mixing bowl. Once you have done that, take an aluminum foil and a baking sheet. Now, line the baking sheet with the foil and coat the foil with some cooking spray or vegetable oil. After that, scoop out spoonfuls of corn mixture and place those on the baking sheet. Put the corn mixture containing baking sheet in the refrigerator and cool it until the corns become firm. It should ideally take 3 hours. Now, it’s time for frying the nuggets. For this, pour vegetable oil in a large sized shallow skillet till the depth reaches at least an inch. Then, start heating the oil in the skillet to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While the oil is heating up, mix the cornmeal, egg white, flour, milk, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Dip the frozen corn nuggets in this freshly prepared batter and fry them quickly in the hot oil until they have turned golden brown.


Serving tips

So, now that you have learnt how to make corn nuggets at home, let me also educate you with a couple of nice ways of serving this wonderful snack. To impress your guests, you can top the nuggets with powdered sugar and honey. In other cases, you can simply serve the nuggets with a dip made up of your favorite sauces, spices and herbs.


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How To Make Corn Nuggets