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How To Butcher A Hog

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There was a time when none of us thought about how to butcher a hog! Times are changing and hog Tips on how to butcher a hoghunting is becoming one of the most popular sports events of the recent times. Successful hog hunting is celebrated among friends by preparing sumptuous barbecue meals. If you have been on such  trips, you must have realized how important it is to know the process of butchering a hog. If you are not able to butcher a hog yourself on your trip, you will have to keep waiting for some help before you can have the meat. Getting help is not as easy always – so why be dependant on others so much, when you can learn the process of butchering a hog in a few steps?

This is what you will have to do:

• Your first task in the butchering process of the hog is to hang its body from a tree. You have to beTips on how to butcher a hog careful and ensure that the body of the hog does not touch the ground. If it touches the ground there is a risk of insects crawling up and begin feeding on it.
• You have to cut the skin of the hog first. So start from its foot and then move on to its neck.
• You need to repeat the process on the other side of the hog...if you started on the front side, you have to repeat it on the back side.
• Now you have to carefully remove the skin and fat from the body of the pig.
• Next you have to remove its organs one by one.
• You can use a small fillet knife to remove the organs of the pig. A small knife is recommended because it makes it convenient to reach the tight sections of the pig from where its organs need to be removed.
• Once you have removed all the organs from the hog, you have to clean the inside sections of the hog. You will notice that when you remove the organs there will be left over tissues and fragments of flesh inside – you have to clean all this very well.
• Use your saw, to remove skin and fat which has been left over.
• Now you can bring down the hog and put it on a very flat surface so that you can start cutting away various pieces. Chop off its head, if you don't want to keep it.
• You can now start butchering its middle section first. Start cutting from its anus section and pull your knife to its upper body towards the neck.
• Make a cut to separate and make 2 parts of the hog. This shall make it easy to cut each sections of the hog easily.
• Cut the hind section of the hog next.
• Make slices just as you would need to prepare sausages, bacon and steaks.

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How To Butcher A Hog