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How to Butcher a Deer?

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If you are curious about knowing how to butcher a deer, then, I have some greatly useful tools and tips to help you with your job. Deer meat is delicious and when you get to cook the fresh meat of a deer, there’s nothing like it. Knowing how to butcher a deer in the right way, allows you, to preserve the meat for a long time. After all, butchering is the first process towards preserving a meat for future use, though you can always cook the meat right away and enjoy the fresh flavors. So, read on and discover how to butcher a deer …


Tools required for butchering a deer

For butchering a deer, you will need a hacksaw, rubber gloves, a sharp knife, a cutting board, an aluminum foil and a trash bag.

Instructions on how to butcher a deer

Field-dress the deer

Wear your rubber gloves and start field dressing, which is the first step of butchering a deer. This job is also known as gutting. To accomplish this task, you have to create a small incision at the animal’s crotch area. Make the cut just underneath the deer’s hide and keep cutting until the sternum is reached. Reinforce the incision by cutting along the same incision path, but this time, the cut should be half an inch in depth.

Remove the internal organs

After you have cut through the deer’s body cavity, remove its internal organs and dispose of them in the trash bag.

Start hide-skinning

Use the tip of your knife to separate the hide from the flesh. 

Remove the head

Cut away the head of the animal with the hacksaw and put it away in the trash bag. Now, make cuts in the ankles and hang the animal upside down from a tree branch or some similar support.

Cut the animal’s backbone and shoulders

Begin cutting from the animal’s buttock part and work your hacksaw upwards, till you reach the rib cage or the sternum. Dissect the entire body into two equal parts. Then, cut the shoulder joints of the deer and follow it up with the ham joints. Then, you can cut the meat into small pieces and wrap them in plastic or aluminum foil.

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How To Butcher A Deer?