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Marble Cake


Ingredients : Refined flour 2 cups, 1 cup castor sugar, 1 cup butter, 1 tsp Vanilla essence,cocoa powder 1 tsp, baking powder 2 tsp, 3 eggs.

Preparation : Sieve the flour add baking powder and sugar. Melt the butter and keep it ready. Whip the 3 eggs with a beater. Now take the flour ,add vanilla essence,butter, and eggs to it. Mix the flour well. Batter should be stirred in a clockwise direction only. Now halve the mixture. In one portion add the cocoa powder and mix nicely. Let the other portion be like that only.Pre-heat the Oven to 250 deg. Take a baking dish, grease it and pour the cocoa mixed batter first then the plain batter mix over it . Take a tooth pick from up just stir lightly . After the cake is baked this will give a good marble look.

Now put this baking dish in the Oven&bake for 40mins. Insert a needle to see if your cake is done or not. If the needle comes out plain then the cake is baked, If the batter still sticks then it needs more baking. Cool the baking dish , then turn the cake upside down and cut to pieces. You will see lovely white & brown colour effect appears on the cake. Here is the Marble Cake ready to eat.

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Marble Cake