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How To Butcher A Deer

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Don’t be too much excited on being able to bag a deer – do you know how to butcher a deer? If you cannot butcher a deer yourself, you have to depend on someone else to do it for you. The person may not be available all the while to do it for you – what do you do in such a case? It is better to learn the process of butchering a deer, rather than requesting someone to do it for you every time. Isn't it?

Here are the steps on how to butcher a deer -  I have explained each step in detail. Hope you find Butchering a deer in easy stepsthem very useful.

• You have to make an incision at the deer crotch. This will be enough to cut its hide.
• You can now repeat this incision process – by cutting the deer quarter to approximately half an inch.
• You need to make sure that you are not cutting the stomach of the deer,
• You will notice that you have opened the body cavity of the deer.
• Once this is done, you have to start removing the internal organs of the deer. Remember that you need to dispose off all the organ meat which you won’t need.
• You can start skinning its hide now. A quarter inch tip of your excellently sharpened knife will be good to skin its hide.
• You have to slowly separate the thin membrane of the deer hide by slowly moving ahead with the tip of your knife.
• Now, you can remove the head of the deer with help of a saw.
• Make incisions in the rear leg ankles of the deer so that you get a very meaty portion of the deer. You will get a great meaty section between the bone and ligament of the deer.
• You can now hang the deer from a tree limb. Its hind needs to be towards the sky.
• Use your saw and cut through the backbone of the deer. Start with the buttocks.
• You can then work towards the sternum till the carcass is completely bisected.
• Now you will have to cut through the shoulder joints of the deer.
• Cut the ham joints and set the different quarter pieces in one side so that you can wrap them.
• Keep butchering the different sections of the deer. You can separate its different sections such as blackstrap parts and tenderloin.
• Start keeping all the pieces you know as per your choice of recipes.

When butchering a deer, you need to remember that you should always use a very sharp knife or saw. If your saw is blunt you wont be able to get good pieces of meat.

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How To Butcher A Deer