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How to Make Bud Butter

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Bud Butter is used in almost all marijuana foods that need to be cooked. So here’s how to make bud butter for all the ‘munchies’ that you crave.

Marijuana is getting very popular as a nutritive source

  • Cannabis is now increasing with popularity due to its medicinal and recreational benefits and use. States like California have many legal medical marijuana dispensaries where you can get the stash, or you could grow your own at home depending on the Law. 

Bud Butter is the best procedure of preserving and storing marijuana for cooking. It can be used in almost any dish so feel free to innovate.

Mix the crushed bud with the butter and sauté' it until the butter has melted

CONTENTS : For a cup’s worth of Bud Butter, you would need half an ounce of cannabis. Choose the potency and grade of the marijuana as per your personal tolerance to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and your preference.

PREPARATION : You need to prepare the mix by removing all the seeds and twigs if present as they cause a bitter taste. Make sure the stash is dry, and then finely grind half an ounce of bud.  Thoroughly mix the material with a pound of butter on a large pan on medium flame until the butter has melted, so the pot’s potency does not get hampered.  While doing this you should make sure that the mixture does not stick to the pan or gets burnt.  Then remove it from the flame and let it cool down.  There are many more procedures for preparing Bud Butter which you can improvise on further as per your taste and free time.

STORAGE : Store the Bud Butter in a freezer as it lasts very long, but do keep an eye out for molds forming on its surface, if you see anything unusual, discard it.

USES : The uses, awareness and popularity of medicinal marijuana have tremendously increased through the years. Marijuana as food is now a craze as it has more nutritious value as compared to many other mainstream foods, and people prefer to eat or drink its extracts than to smoke it. Cannabis was historically used as a spiritual elixir for centuries in India popularly known as Bhang, and is used to this day in many Indian festivals.

Hope this helped you with your queries on how to make Bud Butter. Have a euphoric time with the munchies. Happy Highs !

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How To Make Bud Butter