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How To Sprout Beans For Salads

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I simply dislike salads which do not have great toppings! This is the main reason why I teach my cookery class students how to sprout beans, so that they are able to add nutrition and taste to all their salads.

Sprouted beans used in a salad recipeSalad dressings and toppings are an important part of salad preparation. If it is summer time, your task becomes easier as your toppings can be fresh and refreshing. Fresh beans sprouts can be excellent in salads. In case you are not sure on how to sprout beans check out the details below.

• Whenever you have a bag of beans rinse them well and put them in a bowl.
• Pour water in this bowl and cover it will warm water. Let the beans soak in this water for at least 24 hours.
• You will need a quart glass jar which needs to be sterilized.
• Fill this jar with water – boiling water or lukewarm water.
• Place all the beans inside the jar.Process of sprouting beans in a jar for 5 days
• Use cheese cloth (2 layers) to cover the jar and then secure it tightly with the help of a rubber band.
• You have to drain and fill the water of this jar at least three times in a day. This is very essential which shouldn’t be skipped or else the water shall develop a stale smell and you wouldn’t feel like using the beans in your salad.
• It will take 5 days for the beans to sprout.
• When you find that the shoots are 1 inches long, you can keep them in the sun for a few hours. This is very essential for the shoots to absorb chlorophyll.
• Throw away beans which did not sprout. Use the rest of the beans in your fresh salad.

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How To Sprout Beans For Salads