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How Do You Poach An Egg

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How do you poach an egg when you want its yolk to be orange.How do you poach an egg? Do you know that there are at least three different ways of poaching an egg? Most of us actually do in one way which we learn at a very early age. Here are the three ways of poaching an egg just for your knowledge.

Method one: Medium poached egg.
• Place a pan on a stove and fill it with water.
• Let the water boil.
• Once water boils, place the egg slowly and cover the pan.
• Wait for 2-3 minutes.
• Check after 3 minutes. You will find a medium poached egg completely ready. The egg whites shall be white and the yolk shall have a lovely orange color.

Method two:
• Break an egg very carefully in a saucer or a dish.    Tips on how to poach an egg when slowly dropped in boiling water.
• Let water boil in another pan.
• Add some malt vinegar to the water.
• Stir this water so that a spinning effect is created.
• Now, slowly drop the egg in this spinning water which is boiling too. Let it be for 2 minutes.
• After two minutes, remove the egg. Let it dry on a clean towel.
• Have you special poached egg with a buttered toast.

Method 3:

• You will need to pour some warm (lukewarm) water in a pan.
• Let the water heat up slowly till you are able to see bubbles on its surface and its depth.
• Now, crack an egg into this pan. If you have more than one egg, ensure that the eggs are dropped at least 5 cm away from one another.
• Cook for 1 minute.
• Switch off the heat. Your eggs are ready to be served with salt for taste.

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How Do You Poach An Egg