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How to make grape juice the healthy way

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If you want to learn how to make grape juice the healthy way, then I have one interesting recipe to share with you. Making grape juice at home requires no big time or energy, and if you have a grape juicer, the task becomes all the easier. This recipe for homemade grape juice will give you and your family not only a delicious treat, but, also a healthy drink. This recipe gives your grape juice a thicker and a smoother texture than any store variety and is completely free from any kind of preservative. So, if you are game to learn how to make grape juice the healthy way, this is the recipe for you –fresh-homemade-juice-of-mixed-grapes

Gather the things

To learn how to make grape juice at home, you will need to collect a colander, one cooking pot, a large bowl, potato masher, large finely meshed sieve and cheesecloth.

Pick your grapes

The best grape juice is made from the fresh varieties of Concord grapes. However, you can always go for the other varieties, if they are not easily available. One pound of grapes will give you less than a cup of grape juice. So, purchase your grapes accordingly.

Prepare your grapes

Use the colander to wash your grapes thoroughly in it. You may also consider soaking the fruits in the water for 5 minutes. After they are washed, remove the stems from the grapes and discard the overripe or unripe grapes.

Prepare the juice

The first step of making grape juice is to mash the grapes to get its juice flowing. You can do this by using your potato masher. For large pounds of grapes, do the mashing in batches. Now, collect the juice in a pot and simmer the mixture on a medium flame for 10 minutes with occasional stirring. If you think your grape juice is becoming too thick, you are welcome to add some water. But, even if you don’t do that, you can always dilute the juice before drinking it. Now, ladle the cooked mixture into a large bowl through the cheesecloth lined sieve.

Your grape juice is ready!

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How To Make Grape Juice The Healthy Way