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How to Fry Eggplant?

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Frying eggplant is probably one of the trickiest arts in any cuisine. You need to fry eggplants in such a way that it does not absorb too much of oil, thereby becoming soggy. At the same time, it has to be cooked well and has to be crispy. However, if you know the trick – it can be as simple a recipe as anything. The trick is in using the right heat, right amount of oil and the right technique.

Fried eggplants - soft and deliciously fleshy to eat


For frying eggplants, you need the following ingredients:

Eggplants - 2 pieces; Mustard or Grapeseed oil - 3 cups; Salt - 5 tablespoons


There are a few important points that you need to keep in mind while frying eggplants.

Firstly, pick them right. You get different kinds of eggplants in the market - the white ones, the violet ones of smaller sizes and so on. The one that works best for this recipe is the black-skinned ones. Buy these for the best result.

Secondly, slice them correct. Once the eggplants are washed well, cut the stem off (and portions that may be damaged). Slice the eggplant vertically, in long strips. Slices that are cross-sectioned let the pieces soak in more oil. Hence, this is an important step for a healthy fry. Also, while frying eggplants, retain the skin when you slice them. The skin not only adds more taste to the fried aubergines, they also give more crispiness. 

Next, comes a very important step – the step of salting the eggplants. Add salt to both sides of the eggplant pieces. Leave them aside on a colander for about 30 minutes. Then wash the slices under running water, rub them and then squeeze them to strain the water out. Re-wash. This process helps to draw the bitter water that eggplants naturally have in them.  

Now, we are at the final process of frying the eggplants. You can use mustard oil or grapeseed oil for frying eggplants. Olive oil is not a good option, as it cannot retain the high temperature that eggplants need to be fried.
Heat the oil to about 170 degree Celsius. Put the eggplants in the oil slowly and go on turning the sides till evenly browned on both sides.

Once fried, take them out and serve them on the plate. You can place them on paper napkins so that the extra oil is soaked in. Fry eggplants in this process and enjoy the soft, delicate, juicy eggplants that taste heavenly.

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How To Fry Eggplant?